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This site is dedicated to COBOL and to those with an investment in COBOL. There are many Internet sites that provide information about COBOL. The COBOL Center brings that information together so that you will not need to cruise all over the Web to find it. Practical help is what you will find here.

Axway Moves Software Suite to Open Source COBOL
Paris - January 12, 2012, Axway has begun using the Open Source COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition with its accounting integration suites partly written in COBOL. COBOL-IT's open source products enable Axway's customers an practical alternative to other COBOL vendors. more...

Study Shows COBOL Apps Have Fewer Flaws than Java
ComputerWorld - December 8, 2011, Cast Software, a maker of software quality tools that evaluate the engineering soundness of the architecture and coding of an application, analyzed the 745 applications which combined for some 365 million lines of code. The studied included applications written in Java EE, Cobol, .Net, C, C++ and other programming languages. COBOL applications were found to have the fewest coding violations. more...

Trend Toward Insourcing COBOL Development and Support
Wachovia Bank is part of a trend to bring COBOL development and support inhouse. The goal is to manage risk and reduce costs. more...

COBOL Dominance Continues
90 percent of financial transactions and 75 percent of transactions generally are processed by COBOL programs acording to an article in Reg Developer, quoting research by Ovum. more...

SQL Tutorial
Infogoal, publisher of the COBOL Center and other computer related information websites announces the release of a new website that focuses on SQL. Visitors will be able to learn SQL through straight forward examples as well as see the syntax of SQL statements. more...

Microfocus Offers Webinars
Microfocus offers numerous webinars about its Visual COBOL product.

The Future of COBOL
Mike Murach, author and publisher of numerous computer books, explains the current state of COBOL - including: current and expanding uses, training, and future directions. more...

COBOL Supports Microsoft .NET Environment
The Microsoft .NET Environment is now supported by COBOL. Applications can be created that plug into the Windows and Internet.

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  • Book: COBOL and Visual Basic on .NET
  • Book: Microsoft .NET for COBOL Programmers

    Learn COBOL By Example
    The COBOL Center with the help of its loyal readers has assembled numerous example COBOL programs that can help you to learn about COBOL. more...

    Happy 50th COBOL
    December, 2009, COBOL turned 50 in 2009. Here is the timeline - 1959:
  • May 28th, Short Range Committee initiated project
  • September 18th, the name COBOL adopted
  • December 6, the COBOL specification was completed

    COBOL was based on Flowmatic, a creation of Admiral Grace Harper, who is often honored as the "Mother of COBOL".
    COBOL History

    COBOL at 50 - Survey Shows No Respect
    June 1, 2009, Despite running billions of transactions each day, only 23% Americans are aware of the use and importance of COBOL, according to a survey conducted by Datamonitor. The average person are impacted by COBOL through an average of 90 interactions with COBOL-based applications each week. more...

    10 Reasons to Modernize COBOL Applications
    eWeek COBOL is going strong and thrives in many enterprise environments. Each year 5 billion lines of new COBOL code are added to live systems. In addition, 1.5 million to 2 million developers worldwide work with COBOL. There are many good reasons to modernize COBOL applications. more...

    Salute to IBM COBOL Cafe
    IBM continues to innovate in the area of COBOL and to provide support to the COBOL Commmunity. If you are interested in COBOL in the IBM SytsemZ, AIX and iSeries environments, then you will find articles, downloads and other items of interest here. more...

    Long Live the Mainframe
    eWeek article reports on encouraging mainframe trends. IBM reports three consecutive quarters of profits for its mainframe business. New customers are being attracted to the mainframe as it supports everything from a massive multiplayer game server to virtualized Linux servers. more...

    Bright Future for COBOL
    TechWorld article reminds us of the huge code base of COBOL and that 70 percent of transactional systems are in COBOL. more...

    COBOL on the Front Burner
    Computerworld, a leading IT publication, has recognizes the importance of COBOL:
  • COBOL Coders: Going, Going, Gone?
  • COBOL Not Dead Yet
  • COBOL Job-1

    The articles refer to Gartner research that shows that COBOL continues to be widely used for both maintenance and new development.

    Legacy Skills Debate Rages
    The legacy skills and COBOL debate continues. Is COBOL dead or alive? Is it worth developing COBOL skills? The lead story is published at

    COBOL is clearly continues to be a major language. Acording to industry sources there is an investment of $1.5 to $5 trillion in COBOL. The number of COBOL transactions executed daily exceeds the number of hits on the Internet. The number of visitors to the COBOL Center remains as great as ever.

    Some of the debate points are brought forward by developers with Java and C# skills who say that COBOL is inefficient and "ugly". The use of COBOL is more of a management issue than the need to develop in the prettiest language.

    Stay tuned to The COBOL Center for more on the place of COBOL in the twenty first century.

    Murach Publishes Mainframe COBOL Book
    Mike Murach & Associates, an industry leading computer book publisher, announced publication of a new book entitled Murach's Mainframe COBOL ( Today, 90% of all COBOL is running on IBM mainframes so the book focuses on the COBOL skills needed in IBM mainframe shops. more...

    COBOL and Open Systems
    The COmmon Business Oriented Language - COBOL is the original language of Open Systems so it makes sense that today the language is a leader in Linux/Unix and the Open Systems movement. The trend is also for a movement from proprietary mainframes to Linux - a big boost for COBOL.

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