COBOL, an acronym for COmmon Business Oriented Language,

1952Grace Hopper, "the mother of COBOL", begins developing computer languages.
1959The American Department of Defense (DOD) asked a group of specialists to develop a business language that met their demands.
1960COBOL-60 (Common Business Oriented Language) is launched.
1961First COBOL compilers are available.
1965The momentum of COBOL success accellerates.
1968The first COBOL standard, COBOL-68 is released.
1970The COBOL-68 standard is accepted by The International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
1974The COBOL-74 standard is released.
1985The COBOL-85 standard is released.
1989Intrinsic functions are added to the standard.
2002The COBOL 2002 standard is released with object oriented capabilities.
2009COBOL celebrates 50th anniversary.

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