Data Management Leaders

This page contains information about Data Management Leaders and Experts. We are working to build a complete list of resources on this subject. Please submit link suggestions The Data Management Webmaster if you know of any other resources that can be added to this list.

Featured Resources

  • Scott Ambler : Expert on agile data modeling and database refactoring.
  • David Haertzen : Author and instructor in Data Architecture and Data Modeling
  • Steve Hoberman : Top Author and trainer in Data Modeling
  • Bill Inmon : Leading Data Management and Data Warehouse Speaker and Writer
  • Ralph Kimball : A pioneer and leader in the Data Warehouse field - retired December 2015 - website has good resources
  • John Zachman : Enterprise Architecture Pioneer

    Additional Resources

  • Donald Burleson : Oracle Expert and Author

  • Database Design Solutions, Inc. : Adrienne Tannenbaum - Metadata consultants
  • Elder Research, Inc. : Experts and authors in Data Mining
  • Essential Strategies : David C. Hay - Author of book "Data Model Patterns"
  • Hurwitz Group, Inc. : Judith Hurwitz - Data Management Industry Ananlysis
  • Intelligent Solutions, Inc. : Claudia Imhof
  • Patricia Seybold Group : Data Management Industry Analysis
  • Universal Data Solutions, LLC : Len Silverston - Data Modeling and Data Warehouse - Coauthor of 'The Data Model Resource Book'
  • Ed Yourdon's Home Page : Consultant, Author, and Lecturer
  • John Zachman : Enterprise Architecture Pioneer

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