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Infogoal - Goal Oriented Information for IT

Data Warehousing Center
Learn about data warehousing through the improved Data Warehousing Tutorial including:
  • Data Warehousing and BI Overview
  • Data Warehousing Requirements
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Business Intelligence

    These tutorial articles will help you to understand data warehousing and business intelligence. Here you will learn the top data warehousing terms and understand how to benefit from data warehousing and business intelligence.

    Learn SQL
    Learning SQL just became easier. Infogoal, publisher of the Data Manaagement Center and other computer related information websites announces the release of a new website that focuses on SQL. Visitors will be able to learn SQL through straight forward examples as well as see the syntax of SQL statements.

    Happy 50th COBOL
    Established in 1959 COBOL has just turned 50 years old. A key technology in legacy applications, there is over $1 trillion invested with over 200 billion lines of COBOL supporting critical applications.
  • Enterprise Software Directory
    A helpful directory of enterprise software has been created for readers. With over 1,500 software links, it provides an index to enterprise software with topics such as:
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Project Management

    You are invited to Submit Software to the directory and to add your ratings of the software products.

    Project Management Software
    This guide to Project Management Software will assist you in finding the project management solution that is right for your situation. Over 400 software products are listed. The guide and directory includes: project management software, bug and defect tracking, project accounting, project estimating, project portfolio management, project scheduling, requirements management, and resource planning and scheduling software. more...

    Data Management Center
    The Infogoal Data Management Center brings together information for you in the areas of information and data management including: Data Management/Data Administration, Database Technology, Data Warehouse and Data Mart, Business Process Improvement, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, and E-Commerce. more...

  • Directory of Enterprise Software, Services and Training
     Accounting and Finance (309)
    Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable, Activity Based Costing (ABC), Billing and Invoicing
     Human Resources (194)
    Benefits Administration, Education, Training and Learning, Employee Appraisal Solutions
     Application Dev & Mgmt (118)
    Automated Software Quality (ASQ), Debugging, Documentation Generators
     Knowledge Management (135)
    Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD), Content Management(CMS), Document and Digital Imaging
     Application Platforms (24)
    Mainframe - COBOL, Microsoft - dotNet, Open Systems - Java
     Manufacturing & Process Mgmt (113)
    Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Bill of Material (BOM), Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)
     Business Intelligence (248)
    Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Business Intelligence Solutions, Business Performance Management
     Office Automation & Collaboration (83)
    Anti-Spam, Calendaring & Scheduling, Call Accounting and Management
     Customer Service (83)
    Call Center Management, Customer Service Scheduling, Customer Service Software
     Project Management (599)
    Bug and Defect Tracking, Project Accounting, Project Estimating
     Data Management & Integration (139)
    Data Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), Data Modeling, Data Quality, Cleansing and Scrubbing
     Sales and Marketing (126)
    Advertising Solutions, Channel Management, Contact Management
     E-Commerce Solutions (74)
    Auctions/Reverse Auctions, Business to Business Web Commerce (B2B), Business to Consumer Web Commerce (B2C)
     Security Solutions (56)
    Access Control, Anti-Virus Protection, Automated Security Auditing
     Facilities Management (43)
    Computer Maintenance Management (CMMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Equipment Maintenance
     Supply Chain and Procurement (72)
    Barcoding Solutions, Distribution and Warehousing, Freight Management

     Infogoal Enterprise Software Directory (0)


     Project Management (2)


    Latest Links
    Method:crm is the top-rated crm for quickbooks!
    Comindware Project Management Software
    Comindware Project Management Software new generation project management software designed to drive results. empowers companies with an innovative project management technology that dramatically simplifies planning for project managers and effectively enables execution and collaboration.
    Agile project management tool
    Velocity Project Management For Small Businesses
    Velocity is the all-in-one project management solution for small businesses and freelancers
    Earthintegrate Pando Platform
    Integrate communications and automate marketing.
    Teamwork.comThe most powerful yet simple way to manage your projects and team.
    A.i.doc - Automatic Interactive Documentation For Legacy Cobol Applications
    A.i.doc - Automatic Interactive Documentation For Legacy Cobol ApplicationsAutomatic interactive redocumentation of legacy cobol applications
    Softexpert Ppm
    Softexpert PpmSoftexpert project and portfolio management suite is the most comprehensive solution for prioritizing, planning, managing and executing projects, portfolios and business initiatives.
    Softexpert Plm
    Softexpert PlmSoftexpert plm is a product lifecycle management (plm) solution that allows companies to manage the entire lifecycle of a product efficiently, from conception, design and manufacture, through service and disposal.
    Softexpert Ecm
    Softexpert EcmSoftexpert ecm is a robust web-based platform that provides all of the core content management services needed to create, capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content related to organizational processes.

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    Latest Videos
    Getting Started in Project Management - An Introduction - Rita Mulcahy, PMP
    Getting Started in Project Management - An Introduction - Rita Mulcahy, PMP

    Rita Mulcahy, PMP, brings excellent tips in the areas of project management, the PMP® Exam and risk management.  She is a gifted speaker and author of the books PMP ®Exam Prep and Risk Management Tricks of the Trade.

    Prince2 Introduction
    Prince2 Introduction

    Learn about Prince2, the UK's approach to Project Management

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