dotProject Open Source Project Management Software

The most popular open source web-based project management software is dotProject. Thousands of users, from software start ups, to construction companies, to colleges, to large organizations have successfully used this software to manage projects. An extended community provides hosting, support and extensions.

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    Features include: easy to use web-based interface, project management, tasks management, multi-user support with permission management, Gantt charts, discussion forums, file checkout, contact list, trouble tickets, reporting, and calendar.

    The dotProject system is available as GNU GPL-licensed open sourced software. It is built on the LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Source code is included.

    dotProject Project Management Features

    dotProject provides the following features:

    • Easy to use, straight forward user interface
    • Multi-company, multi-department, collaborate between companies
    • User Permissions and Security Management
    • Client/Company Management
    • Share files with upload/download capability
    • Project Management
    • Project planning
    • Project control (direct and execute)
    • Target Budgets
    • Planned Durations and Actual Time Spent
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Task Dependency
    • Dynamic Tasks
    • Graphic display: Gantt Charts and Project Color Coding
    • Project Forums
    • Trouble Ticket System
    • Project and Meeting Calendar
    • Project Statuses
    • Project Delegation
    • Project Milestones

    These features make dotProject easy to learn and use:

    • Online Help
    • FAQ
    • User Preferences
    • Filters
    • Template projects facilitate the creation of new projects with similar methodology


    At the highest level, dotProject work is organized into projects. For example, you may use dotProject to manage the creation of websites for customers. Each website produced could relate to one or more projects. Within that project there are then specific tasks that you assign to various contractors / employees etc. Projects can be created to track other work such as: training, maintenance, administrative time and vacation.


    Tasks are the actual work components or jobs assigned within a Project. Tasks are the components against which work is done, hours are recorded, updates (in the form of task logs are saved) and progress is updated. A task

  • must belong to a project (but only one project per task),
  • can be copied or moved around projects,
  • can include sub-tasks, supporting a Work-Breakdown-Structure (WBS),
  • can be dependent on another task,
  • has a single owner and may have multiple assigned users.
  • Companies

    Successful projects often require the collaboration of multiple organizations. Multiple company support enables the grouping of projects, tasks, users and contacts by organizational unit. You will define your own organization as one or more companies and may also define:

  • Clients / customers
  • Vendors / suppliers
  • Consultants
  • Governments
  • Departments

    Companies can be organizated into Departments, enabling you to manage users and projects at that level. Filters support the selection of information at the Department level.


    Communication and collaboration amongst project personnel is key to the success of projects and effective customer service. A Contact is associated with a Company and can be assigned to projects to receive, for example, email updates and other project communications.


    Users are able to login to dotProject and to access the system as defined trough the flexible permission and profile control capability. Each user must be associated with a Company.

    Gantt Charts and Visual Cues

    Gantt Charts and Visual Cues are incorporated into dotProject to make it easier to visualize projects. GanttCharts, displayed using jpGraph, are available at the individual project and all project levels. Project and task status is highlighted using color coding.

    Files Module

    There is a files module that you can use to store files relating to a project to enable collaboration and data sharing. It includes a basic file versioning capability.

    Forums Module

    Discussion forums can be created for projects for recording and sharing information about a project.

    Ticket Module

    The Ticket Module provides for follow up on problems providing for help desk and bug followup. Tickets can be openned, closed, assigned and documented. Users can view and edit their tickets.

    Smartsearch System wide search module - within individual "modules" there are search features, smartsearch works across all modules.
    System Admin

    All the system administration features, including system configuration are incorporated in this module.

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