Database Backup

Data backup is increasingly important in these days of heavy reliance on computers and risks like hardware crashes, software crashes, viruses, worms and user error.

What is Data Backup?

Data backup is a method or service that makes copies of data for later recovery or audit.

Data Backup Articles and LInks

  • Wikipedia : Article on Data Backup

    Data Backup Software

  • IBM Tivoli
  • Paragon Group : Drive Backup Software

    Data Backup Hardware

  • Bitpipe : Backup Server Hardware HP Storage Works : Disk to Disk Backup and Virtual Library
  • NetApp : Network Appliance for Data Backup
  • Seagate : Hard Drives
  • Western Digital : Hard Drives

    Data Backup Services

  • Data Deposit Box : Secure online backup
  • Veritas : Backup and recovery software
  • XDrive : Online Backup Site

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