Database Management Systems

This page contains information about Database Development, Design, and Administration Resources. We are working to build a complete list of resources on this subject. Please submit link suggestions The Data Management Webmaster if you know of any other resources that can be added to this list.

Featured Resources

  • First Place Learning : Training in Database Development, Design, and Administration

    Additional Resources

  • UMASS : Database Technology : links to DBMS related sites ****
  • Cast Software : Change management for client/server database applications
  • Computer Associates, Inc. : CA-Datacom, CA-IDMS, CA-Ingress
  • Data Kinetics Limited : High performance memory based data management

  • Dharma : Integrator, ODBC drivers, good whitepapers, ****
  • Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. : ER/Studio Data Modeling and Database Design Tools
  • FileTek : Software for managing massive amounts of atomic data
  • Firebird SQL : Open Source ANSI SQL Database
  • First SQL : an RDBMS company
  • IBM Corporation : DB2 Database and Related Products
  • IDUG : The International DB2 Users Group
  • Informix : RDBMS Vendor (now part of IBM)
  • IIUG : The International Informix Users Group
  • Information Builders : Data management software
    Focus Database, EDA SQL, Data Warehousing, Decision Support, Middleware, Data Access, ...
  • IOUG-Americas : International Oracle User Group
  • Microsoft Corporation : Access and SQL Server Databases
  • : Open Source Database (owned by Oracle)
  • Oracle Corporation : RDBMS Vendor
  • Oracle Magazine
  • : Open Source Database
  • Princeton Softech : Database Management and Data Warehouse Software (IBM Company)
  • Progress Software : RDBMS Vendor
  • SoftTree Technologies, Inc. : Database tools for Oracle
  • SAP : Sybase RDBMS and Hana Vendor
  • Hops International : High performance Very Large RDBMS
  • Teradata : Data Warehouse Appliance Vendor
  • Unicom Systems : SOLID Database Server

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