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This page contains information about Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Data Mining, and Decision Support resources. This website includes numerous resources that can help you and your organization to succeed with data warehousing and business intelligence.

Data Warehousing and BI Overview
Data Warehousing is a proven method for collecting, storing, and delivering decision support data for an enterprise. To help you better understand data warehousing, these topics are presented:

  • Definition of Business Intelligence
  • Definition of Data Warehousing
  • Benefits of Data Warehousing
  • Decisions Impact the Bottom Line
  • Operational Data Versus Warehouse Data
  • Data timeliness, consistency, and comparability
  • Decision Support Goals
  • What Data Warehouse IS and IS NOT

  • Data Warehouse Toolkit
    The Data Warehouse Toolkit website provides helpful information for those seeking to profit by the use of data warehousing and business intelligence. Valuable articles describe how to build the data warehouse team as well as what mistakes to avoid. Industry leaders including Ralph Kimball, William H. Inmon and Claudia Imhoff are profiled.
    Data Warehouse Toolkit

    Data Warehousing Requirements
    To be successful, the data warehouse must meet the requirements of the business. The Data Warehousing Business Requirements Tutorial describes how to gather business requirements that are aligned with enterprise goals and objectives. This methodology will show you how to produce more effective results, increase productivity, improve team work and lower development costs.

    Data Warehousing Project Management
    What is the best way to organize a data warehousing and business intelligence project? Following a sound methodology will help you to make the right moves and avoid pitfalls.

    From setting project goals and objectives to creating the data warehouse to training the team, this step by step approach is a proven path.

    Business Intelligence and the Data Warehouse
    What are the right Business Intelligence tools to use for your data warehouse? This tutorial provides insight into these tools and their uses:
  • Interactivity Query and Analysis Tools
  • Reporting Tools
  • Data Maining Tools

  • Featured Resources

  • Infogoal Data Warehousing Tutorial
  • First Place Learning : Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Data Mining, and Decision Support

    Additional Resources

  • KDNuggets : Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Resource center ****
  • Alacrity, Inc. : Integrated Data Intelligence Software
  • AlphaBlox : Data Analysis Software
  • AltaPlan : OLAP Links
  • Attar Software : Data Mining / Neural Nets
  • Bill Inmon : Corporate Information Factor (CIF) Leading Data Management and Data Warehouse Speaker and Writer
  • Brio Technologies : Brio Web Warehouse and Decision Support Suite
  • Business Objects, Incorporated : WebIntelligence for enterprise decision support
  • Cognos, Incorporated : Data Warehousing Software Tool Suite
  • CDI : Creative Data Inc : Data Warehouse Consulting and Training -- good Data Warehouse Links
  • D2K, Incorporated : "Turning Data into Knowledge"
  • DataFlux : Data Quality and Integration Software
  • DataMirror : Data Integration, Data Protection, Data Audit Solutions
  • : Data Warehouse Consulting
  • : Data Warehousing Portal
  • Data Warehousing Institute : Conferences and whitepapers
  • Decision Technology : DecisionCentric® Server
  • Dimensional Insight, Inc. : Reporting and analysis software
  • DM Review : Leading Data Management Industry Publication
  • Don Meyer & Associates : Data Warehousing Consultants
  • IPC Designs : Don McMunn's FREEWARE Date Dimension Tool Kit
  • Epsilon Data Management : Databased Marketing Services and Training
  • Evolutionary Technologies, Inc. : ETI*EXTRACT(r) Tool Suite for Data Warehousing and Data Migration
  • FileTek : Software for managing massive amounts of atomic data
  • Informatica : The Data Mart Company
  • Information Builders : Data management software
    Data Warehousing, Decision Support, Middleware, Data Access, ...
  • Intelligent Solutions, Inc. : Claudia Imhof / Data Warehousing and Data Modeling
  • IRI : CoSORT ETL Software
  • Kalido : Software for adaptive enterprise data warehousing and master data management
  • Kenan Systems Corporation : Market Analysis Software
  • Megaputer Intelligence : Data Mining and Warehousing
  • Micro Strategy : Relational OLAP (ROLAP) Software and Services
  • Nautilus Systems, Inc. : Data Warehousing, Data Mining, and Data Visualization software
  • Open Technologies, Inc. : Data Warehouse Consulting and Recruiting Specialists
  • OSMC : Data Warehousing Consultants
  • Paralogic, Inc. : Data Warehousing and Decision Support Consulting / Lexington, MA
  • Perl.Com : Perl is a scripting language useful for extracting and loading data
  • Pervasive : Data Integration
  • Poinpoint Solutions Inc. : Data Warehouseing solutions for the insurance industry
  • Princeton Softech : Database Management and Data Warehouse Software
  • Query Object Systems Corp : Business Solution Components
  • Ralph Kimball Associates : A pioneer and leader in the Data Warehouse field
  • Redbrick Systems : Multidimensional database software
  • Rocket Software : Business Intelligence
  • Rulequest Research : Data Mining Tools
  • Salford Systems : CART software for tree-structure, non-parametric data analysis
  • SAS Institute : Data Warehouse and Data Mining Software
  • SAP Business Intelligence : Crystal Reports
  • Silvon Software : Supply Chain Data Warehousing
  • SolutionsIQ : Data Warehousing Solutions
  • Speedware Corp :Business Intelligence Software
  • Sybase, Inc. : Data Warehousing Database Software
  • Teleran : Data Warehousing and eCommerce Solutions
  • Teradata : Database machine
  • Software AG : Data modeling and data warehouse course outlines
  • Trillium Software : Data Cleansing and Data Reengineering
  • Universal Data Solutions, LLC : Len Silverston - Data Modeling and Data Warehouse - Coauthor of 'The Data Model Resource Book'

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